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Developer and programmer of Gadgets - Brasile

Porto Alegre, Brazil

We are a startup with product development in Hong Kong (part of Exipex company) and we have decided to create a new electronics and electro-electronics brand to innovate in the market with product and services. Besides the team in Hong Kong, we are structuring an office in Brazil to work from product development to sales. We are looking for partners who think about the purpose of the brand want to grow with us.

  • Knowledge in structuring products + software + intelligence to communicate with systems

  • Know how to assemble a project from structuring, planning to having the product itself operating

  • Create a software + system plan with innovation in this line

  • Structure market research, niche evaluation, competing analysis

  • Determine the costs of implementing this new product + software

  • Identify demand identification and customer profile

  • Will be responsible for the growth of the hardware + software project

  • Create products like Amazon Dash and Amazon Alexia

  • Know about barcode reader, voice systems with systems for product and system communication

Languages required:
Languages preferred: Spanish, Portuguese.

Degrees of interest: Engineering, Sciences

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