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Graphic Designer - Colombia

Corporacion Universitaria del Caribe, Sincelejo

1. Supports the management of the communications office through the necessary designs to transmit the internal, external and mixed information of the Corporation.
2. Works in the interpretation, ordering and presentation of visual messages.
3. Design visual and audiovisual contents for the communication of information using print, digital and other audiovisual media.
4. Responsible for the activities related to graphic design in the Corporation, keeping the institutional guidelines.


  • Support the realization of different audiovisual pieces required for the Corporation.
  • Support the Communications Coordination in the development of creative ideas for the care of the corporate image.
  • To develop the parts requested by the dependencies of the Corporation and national extensions.
  • Develop the parts requested by the Corporation's offices and national extensions.
  • It makes the videos of the Corporation developing audio-visual messages capable of solving communication problems within the organization.
  • Develop concepts, graphics and designs.


Degrees of interest: Architecture, Humanities

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